88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

When it comes to the worst logo designs – and I mean the WORST of the WORST – it’s cringe worthy how difficult it was to narrow it down to just 88 of them.

Whether the logo has an issue with inappropriate usage of figures, accidental phallic symbols, or just terrible design, font, and color choices, there are many reasons why a logo could end up on this list.

Have more terrible logo examples to share? Feel free to add your own nominations for worst logo designs in the comments section below!

I think I know what the designer was going for here, the gentle, caring nature of an adult looking after a child. But the positioning of the two bodies is far to inappropriately awkward to not become an early entry in the list of Worst Logo Designs.  Worst Logo Designs: Arlington Pediatric Center
Worst Logo Designs: Instituto de Estudos Orientals I’m not sure exactly what kind of “Oriental Studies” this institute specializes in, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the kind that is depicted by their logo. I have also seen versions of this bad logo design attributed to other companies, such as Sunrise Sushi.  My guess is that it is so deliciously bad that it’s taken on a life of its own.
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this store really does tailor to Transgender Minors. But I really don’t think so.

This is what we call a lesson in appropriate space management.

 Worst Logo Designs: Kids Exchange
Worst Logo Designs: Locum Technically, not an official logo… but a whimsical “play” on the Locum – a Swedish property management company – logo. It was created for use on one of their holiday cards many years ago, but they have never lived it down.

Gee, I wonder why.

It looks like Locum to me. Can’t for the life of me understand what other meanings it could possibly have.

Another fantastic entry into the “appropriate use of spaces within a font”, but this time a bit too much space turns “Massage Therapist” into “Massage The Rapist”.

The odd use of a lollipop hand and an elongated rolling pin just adds a little bit of extra fun bit to this already strange visual.

 Worst Logo Designs: Massage Therapist
 Worst Logo Designs: Megaflicks This one gets classified under the category of “Mind Your Fonts”. Perhaps, from a different angle, this might still read “MegaFlicks” … but if it reads like this from even one angle, that’s one angle too many.
And here we have definitive proof that one should NEVER attempt to create a logo design using WordArt. And who – exactly – drew the Swan itself? Given that it’s a central focus of the company name — aka THE NAME — maybe they should have spent more than 6 minutes with a Sharpie creating your illustration? Just maybe….  Worst Logo Designs: Swan Real Estate
Worst Logo Designs: John's Repair Shop Speaking of really, really, really terrible logo designs….

Oh, John. Poor John. Sad, badly branded John.

On the surface (get it… surface… as in tooth surface…), this logo had potential. But they tried WAY too hard to incorporate the tooth and the little “sparkle” into what was otherwise a decent, albeit simple, logo.

Plus, the tooth they decided to use looks somewhat misshapen. If you’re going to use a tooth in your dental logo, at least make sure that it’s a good looking tooth!

 Worst Logo Designs: Polished Dental Studio
Worst Logo Designs: Hasc Center HASC Center is dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges to make life choices, exercise independence and develop responsibility.

And nothing says “welcome, we’re here to help” quite like punching them in the groin upon arrival.

The first annual Hip Hop for HIV fundraiser decided to go dark, and bloody, with their event logo.

I don’t know why. I just don’t.

 Worst Logo Designs: Hip Hop for HIV


Have more terrible logo examples to share?
Feel free to add your own nominations for worst logo designs in the comments section below!


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