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You feel slightly relieved – but at the same time – kind of sad that it’s almost over, don’t you?

 Worst Logo Designs: Gap Rebrand In 2010, Gap unveiled a new logo, one it called “a more contemporary, modern expression.”

The release went so SPECTACULARLY BAD, with the new logo being ripped to absolute shreds by the retailer’s customers, social media users, and graphic design experts, that the new logo was completely scrapped within a week of it’s initial unveiling.

You may not notice at first, but the space between “F” letter and red stripes forms the number 1.

I think this little negative space trick is supposed to inspire a sense of speed and victory.

And, maybe it does. My issue with this logo is the use of the red “comb” at the end. I’m sure there had to be hundreds of other striping options that would have been a bit more relevant to the brand.

 Worst Logo Designs: Formula 1
Worst Logo Designs: Crow Wine Mike:  Hey, Dave… I have an idea – how about a creepy, mutated bird with a corkscrew for a beak?

Dave: Worst idea, ever… Mike. Worst idea, ever.

Mike: You just don’t GET ME!

Although I – personally – think the updated Pepsi logo got a lot more flack than it necessarily deserved, the fact that it has become the centerpiece of several humorous illustrations (none of them flattering to Pepsi drinkers) is the main reason it could not escape being included in this list.

But you’ve got to give them credit for their “stick-to-it-ness” though, since the updated logo is still in use to this day.

 Worst Logo Designs: Pepsi Rebrand
 Worst Logos: Wonky Teapot While they were SOOOO close to “pulling something off” to represent The Wonky Teapot, with one little bit of an oops they got this instead….
Believe it or not, this was once the logo for the Boston Red Sox. I guess it makes sense, a hideous looking red sock is playing basebal – how could that NOT work as a logo.

Someone must have agreed, since this logo was used for over 25 years.

 Worst Logos: Boston Red Sox
 Worst Logos: Indiana Pacers And keeping with the sports theme, I now present the Indiana Pacers logo.

I’m not sure why nobody from a Basketball Team would notice that there wasn’t actually a Basketball in their logo.

At least someone noticed quickly, so the Tennis Ball logo was only in market for about 22 years.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I would have expected this company’s logo to be more clever and creative.  Worst Logos: Cleverly Creative
Worst Logos: Tesco Buttermilk So – technically – this isn’t a logo. But this NSFW illustration of a giant, drooping phallus on the Tesco Buttermilk packaging was just far too terrible to not include in the list.
I don’t know what they were thinking. I’m not sure exactly what they were going for. But I’m pretty sure THIS wasn’t it.  Worst Logos
Worst Logo Design Fails: Procter & Gamble For the finale, I have saved what has been referred to as “The granddaddy of logo fiascoes”.  This one belongs to the packaged goods giant P&G, aka Procter and Gamble.

In 1851, it trademarked its “man in the moon logo” and began the process of becoming a household name.

However, in the late 20th century, Procter & Gamble faced persistent “Satanism” rumors, partly fueled by the company’s logo.

People saw a pair of devil’ horns (one horn on each end of the “moon”) and an array of 6s in the curlicues of the moon man’s hair and beard.

Some even believed that by playing “connect the dots” with the thirteen stars in the logo, three 6s could be made to appear.

Although these rumors were likely fueled by P&G’s competitors, including Amway; by 1991 the company finally gave into the public pressure and resigned their world-famous company logo, eliminating the curly hair that people read as “satanic”.

Since then, the logo has been completely redesigned and bears very little resemblance to the original Man in the Moon, except for a sliver of a moon that rests alongside the P&G letters.

Procter & Gamble New Moon Logo

So, perhaps if nothing else, this one is a lesson in making sure you update your logo when needed in a way that maintains its heritage while keeping up with the times.

With many of these examples, you really have to wonder how the company could possibly NOT see how bad their logo was. But, as the saying goes, beauty is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. And sometimes love is blind.

Have more terrible logo examples to share?
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