What is Your Time Worth? How Winning Back Time Changes Everything

How much is your time worth? It’s a question that most of us don’t think about very often. We go through the days, do all the things, count the hours, and feel the stress. But how often do we sit back and think about how much our time is actually worth?

Think about your daily life and the tiny time thieves that are everpresent in our daily lives: answering emails, checking social media, waiting for a website to load, writing a blog post, creating a client report, cleaning out the coffee pot–they all take time.

Do Marketing Agency Reports Matter?

Marketing agency reports are very helpful in managing a small business’s marketing budget & relationship with a marketing agency. Here’s why.

When you’re working with a marketing agency, it’s important to be able to trust that they’re doing their job correctly and delivering on their promises. One way to ensure this is by receiving regular marketing reports from them.…

To Print, Or Not To Print… a Graphic Designer’s Dilemma

When creating printed materials for a client, graphic designers struggle with the various printing options. Should they offering print and delivery services, or pass the printing process on to the client?

The decision for graphic designers when picking between self-serve and full-serve printing options often comes down to a sense of quality control, time management, customer service, and revenue.…

7 Reasons to STOP Writing Business Checks

If you’re still writing business checks, you are wasting time and money on an outdated process that can quickly and easily be streamlined.

Business Checks have been around for decades, and – not that long ago – made up 86% of all non-cash payments. But times have changed. Although online payments now make up a majority of non-cash transactions, business checks still make up a significant portion of payments within the US.…

The negative impacts of micromanagement

Micromanagement is not good for business. It’s not good for employees.  And it’s not good for the manager. So why is it so prevalent in today’s workforce? 

There’s an old quote from Charles-Guillaume Étienne: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  Although that sounds really great, and some – especially those frustrated by the mistakes people make – may consider it profound.  …

3 Great Reasons Deluxe eChecks Makes Bill Payment Better

Nobody likes paying bills, least of all small businesses. And while we can’t make the bill paying process more enjoyable, we have found a way to make it easier and more efficient than ever before with Deluxe eChecks. An improved mobile app, a smoother, smarter online experience and new personalization options make sending and receiving Deluxe eChecks faster, easier and better than send paper checks.…

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