88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

88 of the Worst Logo Designs EVER – Page 6

We are nearing the end. So, so much still to cover. So, so many bad logo designs left to discover and enjoy.

 Worst Logo Designs: Tree Doctor It feels like the designer of this logo took the “how many pieces of clip-art can you fit into a single logo” challenge.

I’m not sure if they won, because you probably could have fit at least one or two more elements into this logo if you really, really tried.

 And then there’s the Pool Doctor. Nothing says “creativity” quite like taking the company name and then literally putting a pool and a doctor side by side.

Brilliance, I say, pure BRILLIANCE!!

 Worst Logo Designs: Pool Doctor
 Worst Logo Designs: Cuts to Dye For  What? Why??? What?  How????
I’m not sure what this company’s clientele is trying to escape from, but the “alternate” is absolutely terrifying.  Worst Logo Designs: Alternate Escapes
 Worst Logo Designs: Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler Co  Wow. Just Wow. At least it’s patriotic. So there’s that.
For anyone who wants an extremely dark and dull interior, with absolutely no sense of how colors work together – I highly recommend these folks.  Worst Logo Designs: Millennium Interiors
 Worst Logo Designs: Fire 4 Hire This might have made a good – if amateurish – mock-up within a creative brief to create the IDEA of what the company wanted. All of the elements are there to convey the message for this fire-stunt service, trying to attract clients in film and television.

But – really – did you need to squeeze EVERYTHING into a single logo? Show some subtlety people!!  Then again, this a fire stunt service, so maybe subtlety is NOT what they wanted.

 Worst Logo Designs: Spa Warriors Because EVERYBODY wants to do business with a company that looks like a 70’s Shaggin’ Wagon!

When the business is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’!

What. Were. You. Thinking???  Worst Logo Designs: Conservation Department Missouri
 Richard Betz General Contractor Dr. Mr. Richard Betz,

I truly hope that your constructions skills far surpass your ability to select the right logo to represent your company.


Everyone In The World

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