How Well Do You Know Your Brand?

Four questions to help you determine how well you know your brand and the impact that your day to day business behaviors can have upon it.

Branding isn’t just for big businesses.  Every business, from Nike to Nick’s Plumbing needs to understand their brand and what it means to the potential customer.

Brand values can be simple: Quality, Innovation, Speed, Trust, Affordability, Uniqueness, Fun, etc.…

Remarketing: What it is and why EVERYONE should do it.

The power of remarketing is simple. You become the online memory for your previous visitors, reminding them of what they wanted to do… before they got distracted.

Let’s face it. People are busy. And our online attentions spans get shorter and shorter each year. There is far too much going on in our world to guarantee that we can start and finish a given task during a single online session.…

When First Impressions Matter: The Power of Professional Logo Design

Your smile.  Your handshake.  The clothes you are wearing.  Whether it be in a personal or professional setting, these are all elements that help make a positive first impressions.

The same applies in business.  From the look of your storefront or office space, the condition of your company vehicles, the greeting received from the receptionist to your logo, it all makes a difference in how you are perceived during those first crucial few seconds.…