88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

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We’re not even halfway through the list. You’d think I’d be out of possible examples of really, really bad logo design by now – but we are definitely not.

 Worst Logo Designs: Oh, look… another chef’s hat shaped like testicles. Because one ball-sack-hat is never enough, especially when it comes to trying to entice people into eating your food.
And the winner in the “Angriest Logo Ever” category is…  I’m guessing this was on purpose, because everyone knows that Hockey is not a gentle sport.

But – still – blood red flame-like details were probably just a teeny bit over the top, don’t you think?

 Worst Logo Designs: Canton Ice Patrol
 Worst Logo Designs: Braun Dental  Cutting Edge Dentistry. I’ll just leave it there.
 Nobody asks what’s in their secret sauce. Absolutely NOBODY.  Worst Logo Designs: Doughboys Pizza
 Worst Logo Designs: Kansas City Victim Services Unit The true victims are anyone who is forced to look at this logo.
This. Can’t. Possibly. Be. By. Accident.

But Dirty Bird owner Neil Young firmly denies that the company purposefully made the logo phallic.

“We’ve never really thought about it like that. Our designer created a d and b for Dirty Bird then pushed them together to make a cockerel.”

Yup, he actually used the word Cockerel. Not Rooster. Cockerel.

Still believe that he didn’t have a certain part of the male anatomy on the brain??

 Worst Logo Designs: Dirty Bird Fried Chicken
 Worst Logo Designs: Fresh Look Images Photography  Yes, your look is SOOOOOOOO fresh.

The f itself is actually not bad, but the rest of the logo design is like having your wedding pictures photobombed by a nudest retirement community.

This social media app has a logo that’s so truly terrible that it will actually give you a headache if you look at it for too long. And, by too long, I mean more than 0.00001 milliseconds. Think Facebook, except that this social app is not trying to hide the fact that it wants to hurt you, repeatedly.  88 Worst Logo Designs: Highlight Social Media App
 Worst Logo Designs: Fork & Spool Asian Eatery This could have been a half decent logo if the designer had stopped trying to be clever just a few minutes earlier.

Stick a fork in this logo… it’s done.

So many phallic logos, so little time. You’d think after the first 6 or 7 made us giggle, designers would know to be on the lookout for things that looked like genitalia.

Apparently not.

 Worst Logo Designs: Anthony Byrne
 Worst Logo Designs: Comparables Direct? I think Incomprehensible With No Direction is more likely.

I feel like this is supposed to be one of those 3D puzzle things, where – if you look at it long enough – a beautiful image appears. But I can’t actually bring myself to look at it long enough to see if that actually happens.

Have more terrible logo examples to share?
Feel free to add your own nominations for worst logo designs in the comments section below!

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