88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

88 of the Worst Logo Design Fails – Page 3

And the hits just keep on coming!

I think this is supposed to be the combination of a clay oven, a well-fed woman, and a really, really terrible & painful yeast infection.

But I could be wrong.

 Worst Logo Designs: Mama's Baking
 Worst Logo Designs: Catholic Church As you can probably tell by now, these bad logo examples are not in any kind of priority order. Because when it comes to the worst of the worst of the worst of them, this would rank pretty dang high.

This logo from the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission was supposed to portray a priest protecting a young child.

Others saw it a completely different way.

While on that theme of things are supposed to look one way but can actually appear the complete opposite… how “safe” would you feel in this particular situation?  Worst Logo Designs: Safe Place
 Worst Logo Designs: Vermont Maple Syrup This is probably one of my favorite bad logos, because very few things are quite as appetizing as some guy in green pants urinating into the bucket of maple syrup.

Yes, sure, we all get it. That’s the shape of the state of Vermont. It’s not your fault that it kinda looks like you have a buttocks at the top of your state. And it’s not your fault that the placement of the spigot was quite unfortunate.

OK, maybe that one was your fault.

Do you see the cat’s butt hole that makes up the middle of the A?

I can. Everyone can. The person who made this logo obviously didn’t.

Or, perhaps, the designer who made the logo purposefully made their client the “butt” of their logo joke because they were being an “ass”?  Maybe…

 Worst Logo Designs: CatWear
 Worst Logo Designs: My only comment on this logo is:

“What the actual hell???”

I’m not sure what kind of “Bureau” this is or what kind of “Health Promotion” they are referring to… but it sounds like it would be an interesting place to work. Worst Logo Designs: Bureau of Health Promotion
 Worst Logo Designs: Excelencia I can’t even figure out what this company name is? Excellencia? Excellencico? Excel is clear. lenci is not bad. The last bit… no clue.

Pro Tip: When creating a logo, it’s helpful to actually be able to figure out the company name. Just saying.

Talk about a niche market!  Worst Logo Designs: Click Love
 Worst Logo Designs: Kudawara Kudawara, a Japanese pharmacy, either has some seriously good customer service, or some seriously bad customer service, depending on your perspective.
Yup. This is the logo for a graphic designer. Feeling confident in their extraordinary design skills yet?

Me neither.

 Worst Logo Designs: Snow Globe

Have more terrible logo examples to share?
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