Referral Products Every Startup Needs

If you are communicating with startups through your business, your blog, or both… there are certain products that every single startup needs. And you can be the one to refer them to the right source – while earning referral revenue in the process. 

There are certain new business essentials and foundational products to get a business started off on the right foot.…

Affiliate Links vs. Sponsored Posts: A Blogger’s Choice

When deciding how to monetize your blog content, two of the key options are affiliate links vs. accepting sponsored posts, and there are pros and cons to each.

As a blogger, or other kind of content creator, revenue generation is an important part of the mix. After all, you need to have some way to fund your passion.…

16 Best B2B Affiliate Programs

A list of the best B2B affiliate programs to help you monetize your business blog or online publication.

Run a business blog and looking for ways to monetize your traffic? Want to provide relevant recommendations for a wide variety of products and services to your business readers?

It is always a challenge for content publishers to strike a balance between offering valuable insights and finding ways to fund the blog so that you can continue doing so.…

Is affiliate marketing right for your business?

By partnering with publishers through an affiliate marketing program, retailers can tap into unique audiences with an online-handshake.

Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of a set-it-and-forget-it program where you throw a few banners and – maybe – a coupon or two into the affiliate platform, set a moderate payout for the partners sending traffic, and hope you generate some sales.…

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