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Yes, there are more. Way, way more….

Worst Logo Designs: A-Style The A-Style logo might look relatively simple at first. You may not even notice the issue until you’ve looked at it long enough. Or, maybe you will see the problem instantly and understand why this made the list.

For those who may need a little bit of extra help, here’s a deconstructed view of the exact same logo:

Worst Logo Designs: A-Style Logo Deconstructed

Now, do you see it?

However, I will admit that I debated whether or not to include it on the list, simply because this provocative design was done purposefully as part of a gorilla marketing campaign.

But it’s just too perfect an example of double entendre logos to NOT include on the list.

Another one that falls into the “you may or may not have noticed” category… some people will see two very happy dancers.

Others will see a woman’s naked torso.

I highly (and I mean VERY highly) doubt that the designer of this logo did not see the boobs.  They are very difficult to miss.

In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that the designer purposefully created the Boob-Logo and then laughed and laughed and laughed when this particular design was chosen.

 Worst Logo Designs: Junior Jazz Dance Classes
Worst Logo Designs: Cazz's Sports Bar N Grille Where should I start? The creepy “this is what it would look like if the Grinch and Gollum had a baby” mascot? The extremely fluorescent color choices? The random use of a baseball and football that look like they were drop-kicked into the logo?
Ok, I get it. You wanted to do something clever with the C. After all, you picked perhaps one of the MOST boring fonts ever for the rest of the logo.

But what, exactly, is that thing???  Is that what you are using to control pests, or is that one of the pests you are trying to control? We can’t tell. Neither can your potential customers.

 Worst Logo Designs: Cobra Pest Control
 Worst Logo Designs: Bad Air Yes, that is indeed a logo representing a figure farting on the company name. Granted, the company name is “Bad Air” and farts would definitely qualify (sort of).

But — still — why would you incorporate a fart into your logo, ever? Why???

I looked at this logo, and – at first – I thought “I have no words.” Then, I realized, I had plenty of words. Lame. Terrible. Overwrought. Flames, really??? Smudge tool.

What is that blue thing by the flame? It’s not a blue flame, is it??? Oh, no, it’s a network cable, how very NOT clever.

Flames, really, flames???

 Worst Logo Designs: Barrett Systems
 Worst Logo Designs: A-1 Catering Services There are many things wrong with this logo. So, very, many,things. But the worst of the worst has to be the testicle-shaped chef’s hat used to accent the C in Catering.

Of all the shapes you could have used to create a chef’s hat, did you really need to go for “hairless ball sack”???

I’m sorry, you’re the WHAT Doctor? Detail you say…. so why is your logo lacking so much, uhm… what’s the word… DETAIL!!!  Worst Logo Designs: The Detail Doctor
 Worst Logo Designs: Mont-Sat By far the happiest satellite company in the world, if their logo is any indication. It’s not “hard” to identify the issue with this logo, but I can only assume that they wanted to create something that “stood” out among “stiff” competition.
 The logo, for the Office of Government Commerce, was supposed to represent “a bold commitment to the body’s aim of improving value for money by driving up standards and capability in procurement”. It cost £14,000 to create the logo, which looks pretty straightforward and properly corporate enough, until you turn it sideways and suddenly you’re looking at:


A spokesman for OGC said: “It is true that it caused a few titters among some staff when viewed on its side, but on consideration we concluded that it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.”

“A Firm Grip” — how can one NOT chuckle at that????

However… that being said… they decided against moving forward with the well endowed logo.

SideNote: One could also view the sideways logo as a Snowman giving everyone the finger – but that didn’t play as well into Firm Grip quote, so I went with interpretation #1

 Worst Logo Designs: OGC
 Worst Logo Designs: The Computer Doctors Speaking of accidental phallic symbols…


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