Easy Ways to Increase Business Services Company Revenue Through Partnerships

If you run a business that provides an essential service for small businesses, there is an easy way to increase your B2B revenue streams without having to onboard more clients. That way is by referring your clients to other businesses who sell the products and services you do not offer, for a small referral fee.

Years ago, I was selling my home and moving to another city about an hour away.…

To Coupon, or Not To Coupon: That is the question

The difficult decision on whether or not to offer discount coupons is something many retailers face in today’s competitive marketplace.

Although coupons, particularly online and mobile coupons, are a significant part of many consumer’s shopping patterns, they can create issues for the small business owner.

A recent poll of small business owners showed that 56% of businesses used coupons at least occasionally in order to generate new business or retain existing customers.…

The New Cookie Monsters Are Destroying Your Metrics: Forbes

Forbes Communications Council has released an updated state of the tracking pixel, and it’s not looking good for the good old Cookie.

One of the grand advantages of online marketing used to be our ability to measure practically everything. But with stricter privacy controls and ever growing cookie-blocking techniques, we will soon only be left with the crumbs of data compared to what we used to get from browser cookies.…