88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

88 of the Worst Logo Design Fails – Page 5

The saddest part of this entire list is that quite a few of these logos are still in use. You’d think being included in a list of the Worst Possible Logo Designs EVER would – maybe – prompt you to invest in a redesign. But, alas, no.

I hope they do a better job with teeth than they do picking a logo design.  Worst Logo Designs: Hanachi Orthodontics
 Worst Logo Designs: Cyrenian House Is he soaring free? Or falling flat on his face? You decide…

I’m sure this was intended as inspirational. As an alcohol and drug abuse treatment center, I would assume that the vision behind the logo was getting people up, healthy, and active again – breaking free of their addictions.

Or, maybe, the final “falling man” part of the logo is supposed to illustrate that – try as you might – you’re going to fall flat on your face.

Who knows.

Because nothing screams “Fantastic Customer Service” better or louder than a logo design that looks like it’s giving its customers the middle finger.  Worst Logo Designs: Lesmark Real Estate
 Worst Logo Designs: Aldersho & Farnborough Twins & Triplets Club Oh, the unfortunate placement of children in a logo. It’s a bit like Logo Design 101, and yet… here we go again with a rather odd looking grouping.

That poor third child is not destined to live a good life.

I don’t know what they sell. Do you know what they sell? Do you want to know what they sell?

Me neither.

Worst Logo Designs:
 Worst Logo Designs: Boundary I dare you to figure out what this company name is… I double-dog-dare you!
Oh, Kate. What – exactly – were you thinking??  Worst Logo Designs: Kate's Florist
 Worst Logo Designs: Melon Technology The illustrated icon in this logo could work, if someone would have just stuck with a decent font and color palette for the rest of the logo.
So, THAT’S where the fun begins… all of these years I was looking in the wrong place.

There is an absolute carnival of stuff going on in this logo, but all I really know is that I do not want scary jester guy who is wielding a wrench – for seemingly no particular reason – coming anywhere near me.

 Worst Logo Designs: Cycle Antics Bike Store
 Worst Logo Designs: Smith and Smith Funeral Directors Out of all the fonts available, who – in their right mind – would decide that this was the most appropriate font for a Funeral Home?
Founded by Danny and Debbie Trejo (yes, THAT Danny Trejo), K9 Compassion works to educate young people about the importance of spay/neuter and by fundraising for other lifesaving programs.

It’s a great cause and a great foundation. Not such a great logo.

I’m not even completely sure what’s going on with this logo. For example, why does the kid have a scythe coming out of his (or her) leg? That is NOT the proper way to spay/neuter your beloved pet, Danny, it’s just NOT.

 Worst Logo Designs: K9 Compassion Foundation

Have more terrible logo examples to share?
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