88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

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At this point, it’s like watching a train wreck… you know you should look away, but you Just Can’t Do It!

No “Bad Logo” list would be complete without one of the more expensive fails of recent history.

When London unveiled its logo design for the 2012 Olympics – which cost a measly £400,000 – most were unimpressed. Some claimed that it looked like “some sort of comical sex act between The Simpsons.”

Others thought that it too-closely resembled a Swastika. Iran even threatened to boycott the Olympics because they believed the logo spelled out “Zion.”

Anyway you look at it, the logo was a resounding – and very expensive – fail.

Worst Logo Designs: 2012 London Olympics
 Worst Logo Designs: Technology Driven Transactions What exactly is the symbol in this logo is trying to tell me??? That I should run from this company as quickly as possible? That stick men know more about technology than your average run-of-the-mill man?
Neither your personal problems nor your incontinence should become integral parts of your logo design.  Worst Logo Designs: Poolservice Company
 Worst Logo Designs: Trump Pence Campaign Logo

Most of the time, I try to stay out of the political arena when I’m writing about business marketing and branding. However, when it comes to Logo Design Fails, one simply cannot ignore the short-lived but much discussed Donald Trump / Mike Pence campaign logo.

Not only did this logo CAPITALIZE on the fact that the two initials spelled “TP” (aka Toilet Paper), something that any normal designer would have attempted to avoid at all costs.

Trump-Pence Toilet Paper Logo

But, to add insult to injury, the design that was unveiled clearly showed Trump’s T PENETRATING Pence’s P.

Social media influencers had an absolute field day, mercilessly poking fun of the new logo, which was quickly replaced with less suggestive version.

I’m sorry… what “Truth” will set me free?  The truth that your coffee is terrible? Because if your logo is any indication, that is one BAD cup of coffee!  Labyrinth Coffee House
 Worst Logo Designs: Clinical Dental Either I just have a very dirty mind, or people simply do a really terrible job of NOT noticing the inappropriate juxtapositions of their stick figures. Maybe it’s both. It’s probably both.

Who needs a dental chair??  Just wrap your legs around me and say Ahhhhh.

Boobs. There’s nothing else in this logo but Boobs.  Worst Logo Designs: Islamic Understanding Institute
 Worst Logo Designs: Focus on Christ  This logo would make Baby Jesus cry.
Oh, look… another testicle shaped Chef’s hat, only this time it’s resting above the rest of the phallus-shaped logo.

And with wings added JUST FOR FUN!

 Worst Logo Designs:
 Worst Logo Designs: Win Net What kind of weird, droopy, drippy, saggy statement are you trying to make with this logo? No, really… I’m dying to know.
 Well. It’s colorful.  Worst Logo Designs: Lu La Roe

Have more terrible logo examples to share?
Feel free to add your own nominations for worst logo designs in the comments section below!

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