8 Website Design Tips To Remember When Launching a New Website

Building and launching your business website can be a daunting task… there is so much to pull together during the website design process, including copy, images, hosting plans, domain names, etc. that sometimes small things fall through the cracks.

Unfortunately, some of those small things can make a big difference in the success of your new website, so it’s important to take a moment before you launch and run through the list of often-forgotten elements that can be addressed quickly.…

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ProTip: Avoid social feed widgets if you aren’t active on social media

One of the dangers of installing social feed widgets (the ones that pull the latest and greatest from your social profiles) is that they can look terrible if you let those social profiles go stale.

Just recently, I was working on a project and one of the first things I noticed about their site is that they had a social widget at the bottom of the homepage.…

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6 critical steps for a successful website redesign

Be honest with yourself… your website is old, unattractive, and needs a major face lift. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article about website redesign.

I’m sure it was stunning when it first launched. And you might have some sentimental attachment to it. Maybe it was the first website you launched after starting your business and you feel sad about the idea of getting rid of it.…

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