How to Build a Shopify eCommerce Website in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to build an eCommerce website, learn in this article about why Shopify is the best platform to build your site and five easy steps for making your eCommerce site on Shopify.

Creating an eCommerce website is a great option for medium to large businesses looking to scale their business using eCommerce and Companies trying to bring a new product to market. However,…

Your New Website Is Live… Now What??

You’ve launched a brand-new website, congratulations! But creating a website is only the first step in getting found online. Now you need to follow the crucial website marketing action items to drive traffic and customers.

If you’ve ever watched Field of Dreams, you will have heard the saying “If you build it, they will come!” That the was the theme of a fantasy film about famous baseball players coming back from the dead to play a game in a makeshift baseball field.…

8 SEO No-Nos That Are Hurting Your Website

If you’re not sure why your website is getting very little organic traffic, look at your website and see if you’re suffering from any of these 8 SEO No-Nos.

Every business wants their piece of the over 3.5 billion search queries that take place on Google ever day. But some companies are better positioned to take advantage of that massive amount of search volume.…

7 Web Design Tips that Generate Phone Calls

A website that is strategically designed to generate phone calls is a powerful tool that can help you find very valuable potential customers.

There’s a reason you built a website (or had someone build it for you)… you wanted potential customers to know what you do and to reach out to you for possible jobs. 

But being seen online isn’t always enough to convince customers to take that next big step – picking up the phone.…

5 Signs That Your Website is Ready for a Paid Search Campaign

Before you start thinking about running a paid search campaign, you need to make sure that your website – and your company – are ready.

You’ve heard about this Paid Search thing… or, perhaps, been told that you should use Google Ads… or maybe you’ve noticed that your competition is using it and you figure you should too, maybe.…

8 Website Design Tips To Remember When Launching a New Website

Building & launching a business website can be a daunting task. Here are the Top 8 website design tips to remember when launching your new business website.

There is so much to pull together during the website design process, including copy, images, hosting plans, domain names, etc.

So much so that sometimes small things fall through the cracks.…

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