8 SEO No-Nos That Are Hurting Your Website

If you’re not sure why your website is getting very little organic traffic, look at your website and see if you’re suffering from any of these 8 SEO No-Nos.

Every business wants their piece of the over 3.5 billion search queries that take place on Google ever day. But some companies are better positioned to take advantage of that massive amount of search volume.…

The Power of Branded Search Marketing

Branded Search Marketing simply means creating paid search campaigns that focus exclusively on your brand name. The purpose of this is to keep your competitors out of your branded space.

Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store trying to decide if you should buy the name brand version of a product, or go for the generic or store brand? …

What Is the difference Between SEM, SEO, & PPC?

The terms SEO vs SEM vs PPC are often used incorrectly to describe these key digital marketing tactics. Here’s what they really mean.

In my day-to-day life, I work with a lot of people in business, and a statement I hear — all to often — goes something like this:

“SEM mean paid search marketing, like Google Ads campaigns. 

5 Signs That Your Website is Ready for a Paid Search Campaign

Before you start thinking about running a paid search campaign, you need to make sure that your website – and your company – are ready.

You’ve heard about this Paid Search thing… or, perhaps, been told that you should use Google Ads… or maybe you’ve noticed that your competition is using it and you figure you should too, maybe.…

READY… SET… GOOGLE! A Handy Guide to Google Ads Setup

A handy guide to step you through the Google Ads Setup process so that you can get your business found.

You’ve decided.  You’re ready. Your website is ready. You’re sure about it.  Yes, it’s time to take the first big step into the world of online advertising and get Google Ads setup so that you can launch your very first campaign.…

Using Paid Search & Remarketing to Increase Holiday Traffic

It’s important to understand the tactical aspects of online holiday marketing campaigns and that there are very different types of holiday shoppers.

As we all know… the Holidays are coming.  And with them brings an onslaught of shoppers for anything and everything from gifts to entertaining to traditional treats as well as those – like me – who tend to mix a bit of “oh, I like that” shopping and indulge on something for  themselves.…

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