Using Paid Search & Remarketing to Increase Holiday Traffic

As we all know… the Holidays are coming.  And with them brings an onslaught of shoppers for anything and everything from gifts to entertaining to traditional treats as well as those – like me – who tend to mix a bit of “oh, I like that” shopping and indulge on something for  themselves.

With this season also comes a sense of purpose and energy that can only be described as “The Busy Holiday Season”

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What is a SEO Link Wheel, and why you should NOT create one

A link wheel is a black hat SEO technique where you – as a business owner – create several sites and link them to each other in a round-robin fashion. They are purposefully and solely built to manipulate the rankings of a website, which is – pretty much – the text book definition of Black Hat SEO (okay, maybe not the text book definition, but you get the dramatic effect).…

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Using Google’s dayparting settings to optimize your paid search campaigns

All men may have been created equal, but all hours of all days certainly have not, at least not when it comes to running a paid search campaign.

When you create your Google AdWords search campaigns, all of them are automatically set to “Show ads all days and hours.” This means your ads could appear whenever someone searches for one of your keywords at any time of any day.…

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Remarketing: What it is and why EVERYONE should do it.

The power of remarketing is simple. You become the online memory for your previous visitors, reminding them of what they wanted to do… before they got distracted.

Let’s face it. People are busy. And our online attentions spans get shorter and shorter each year. There is far too much going on in our world to guarantee that we can start and finish a given task during a single online session.…

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The first 7 things to look at when optimizing paid search marketing campaigns

A paid search marketing campaign can be a big, hairy beast, full of complicated campaign structures, keywords, ads, analytics, extensions, bid adjustments, and so much more.

The trick to optimizing paid search campaigns is to figure out what to tackle first.  There are often a lot of things to dig into when looking at an established campaign, but it can become overwhelming if you try to fix everything at once.…

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Understanding the difference between SEM, SEO, and PPC

In my day-to-day life, I work with a lot of people in business, and a common statement I hear — all the time — goes something like this:

“SEM mean paid search marketing, like Google Adwords campaigns.  SEO is the free stuff that requires optimizing your site for Organic Search”

And I hear this from a variety of people, from those who don’t work with or understand the intricacies of the online search world, to experienced marketers who really should know better.…

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