3 Great Reasons Deluxe eChecks Makes Bill Payment Better

Nobody likes paying bills, least of all small businesses. And while we can’t make the bill paying process more enjoyable, we have found a way to make it easier and more efficient than ever before with Deluxe eChecks. An improved mobile app, a smoother, smarter online experience and new personalization options make sending and receiving Deluxe eChecks faster, easier and better than send paper checks.

Deluxe eChecks Lets You Pay Anyone In Seconds, Not Days

Deluxe eChecks uses to power of email to deliver your checks, which means your payment gets where it needs to be in seconds. The same way people send emails today instead of paper letters, people can now send eChecks instead of paper checks.

Deluxe eChecks Process

Simply fill in the details of the check, just like you would with a normal paper check, but instead of printing, stuffing, stamping, mailing, and waiting for it to be received, you simply enter the email address of the recipient and VOILA… an email with a secure link to the check arrives seconds later.  To make it even easier and faster, you can also integrate Deluxe eChecks with today’s most popular software packages, such as QuickBooks, to let everything happen automatically. Simply select “Send eChecks” instead of “Print Checks” and all of your bills are sent and paid!

A fast, easy electronic payment method such as eChecks  requires an equally fast and easy online experience for both those sending and receiving payments. With that in mind, Deluxe recently overhauled, redesigned and re-imagined the Deluxe eChecks website to make that experience faster, easier and more efficient than ever.

Deluxe eChecks Let You Pay Anytime, Anywhere

Getting ready for bed and just realized you forgot to pay a vendor? Sitting at a soccer field for an all-day, 12-and-under tournament and need something to kill time between matches? Deluxe’s free mobile app lets you send those last-second payments or get a little extra work done anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

Deluxe eChecks Mobile App

Plus, that same mobile app can hold multiple accounts.  Try carrying 3 or more business checkbooks around with you everywhere you go.  Now you can, all in the palm of your hand, with the Deluxe eChecks app.

Available for both iOS and Android users, the Mobile Checkbook app also gives you the ability to:

  • create, send and receive payments with mobile devices
  • monitor your Deluxe eChecks account
  • authorize and send checks created by another authorized user
  • view payments you’ve received in your lockbox.

Deluxe eChecks Let You Make It Personal

Imagine receiving a check, in your email, with no identifying features and nothing to tell you who sent it. Is it legit? Am I being scammed? With Deluxe eChecks, enhanced personalization options take any confusion that might arise totally out of the equation. Not only can you add your logo to each eCheck you send, but you can include a personal message or detailed remittance data to every recipient, reassuring them that the payment is from a familiar business partner, and letting them know what that payment is for.

Personalization is a great way to project a professional image while keeping you top of mind with vendors and clients.

In fact, Deluxe eChecks is the ONLY payment method that lets you send the payment and the remittance data electronically AND simultaneously.   Here’s a quick comparison of the benefits of Deluxe eChecks versus traditional paper checks and ACH payments.

Compare Deluxe eChecks to Paper Checks and ACH

People LOVE Deluxe eChecks

Loved by Senders

When you’re running a business, time is money. The faster you can find what you’re looking for online, the faster you can get back to the day-to-day tasks of running that business. With new, streamlined navigation, sending eChecks just got super fast — and a clean, modern design along with simplified language makes it easier for you to scan and find the information you’re after.

Loved by Recipients 

Now, collecting their eChecks is easier than ever for the people you pay. That clean, modern design immediately conveys professionalism and security, while the simplified language and step-by-step instructions make it incredibly easy to print and/or deposit their payments.

People Love Deluxe eChecks

So, while you’re still probably not going to enjoy paying your bills, we hope you’ll at least find it easier and faster than ever. See for yourself how Deluxe has enhanced the eChecks experience for both you and your recipients.

You’ll thank us later!

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