When First Impressions Matter: The Power of Professional Logo Design

Your smile.  Your handshake.  The clothes you are wearing.  Whether it be in a personal or professional setting, these are all elements that help make a positive first impressions.

The same applies in business.  From the look of your storefront or office space, the condition of your company vehicles, the greeting received from the receptionist to your logo, it all makes a difference in how you are perceived during those first crucial few seconds.…

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6 Tips for Creating a Powerful Email Newsletter

Newsletters can be a great tool to keep customers informed about company news, improve brand awareness and build an ongoing relationship with your core audience.  However, developing unique, relevant, valuable content on a periodic basis can be a time consuming and cumbersome task, particularly for a business owner who does not consider creative writing one of their core skills.…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the GIF

As digital marketers, we know that advertising vehicles can change.  Ad standards shift.  Popular formats come and go.   But sometimes we are so busy keeping up with the recent innovations that we forget that we – ourselves – can be the driving force behind that innovation. Always allow yourself to think about new ideas, simple twists or changes to the way things are done… because sometimes what you need doesn’t exist yet – so you just have to go out and create it yourself.…

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Turning Slow Into Grow

As tracked by The National Federation of Independent Businesses, 25% of small business owners are citing poor sales as their #1 concern. This is the highest this figure has been in 22 years. These concerns are not being fueled by fear, but by actual results.

However, small businesses are perhaps the best positioned to be able to take advantage of the slower times in business to develop and implement a strategy to grow business and eliminate slow periods in the future.…

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Understanding the difference between SEM, SEO, and PPC

In my day-to-day life, I work with a lot of people in business, and a common statement I hear — all the time — goes something like this:

“SEM mean paid search marketing, like Google Adwords campaigns.  SEO is the free stuff that requires optimizing your site for Organic Search”

And I hear this from a variety of people, from those who don’t work with or understand the intricacies of the online search world, to experienced marketers who really should know better.…

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