What is a SEO Link Wheel, and why you should NOT create one

A link wheel is a black hat SEO technique where you – as a business owner – create several sites and link them to each other in a round-robin fashion. They are purposefully and solely built to manipulate the rankings of a website, which is – pretty much – the text book definition of Black Hat SEO (okay, maybe not the text book definition, but you get the dramatic effect).…

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88 of the WORST logo designs EVER!!!

When it comes to the worst logo designs – and I mean the WORST of the WORST – it’s cringe worthy how difficult it was to narrow it down to just 88 of them.

Whether the logo has an issue with inappropriate usage of figures, accidental phallic symbols, or just terrible design, font, and color choices, there are many reasons why a logo could end up on this list.…

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7 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

We’ve pulled together these business startup tips because starting your own business can be challenging, overwhelming, and — sometimes — very frightening… especially if it is the first time you have ventured out on your own after spending years in both the safety and the confines of working for someone else. But, as the saying goes:

Starting a New Business - Peter Drucker Quote

In order to assist you on your journey, here are some of the best tips to help you get your new business off on the right foot.…

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ProTip: Avoid social feed widgets if you aren’t active on social media

One of the dangers of installing social feed widgets (the ones that pull the latest and greatest from your social profiles) is that they can look terrible if you let those social profiles go stale.

Just recently, I was working on a project and one of the first things I noticed about their site is that they had a social widget at the bottom of the homepage.…

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Is affiliate marketing right for your business?

By partnering with publishers through an affiliate marketing program, retailers can tap into unique audiences with an online-handshake.

Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of a set-it-and-forget-it program where you throw a few banners and – maybe – a coupon or two into the affiliate platform, set a moderate payout for the partners sending traffic, and hope you generate some sales.…

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Chasing shiny objects: the dangers of distractions in business

In the online marketing world, there’s always something new. Something different. Something exciting.

Let me start out by saying new is good. Innovative is smart. But busy-work wasting time chasing after things because someone who is supposed to be leading the company had an “Oooohhh. That looks pretty” moment is not good. It’s not smart.

Tackling all of those new and exciting opportunities can lead to what Shakespeare best named “Madly off in all directions.”

As a leader, it is your job to direct and inspire, not distract your team by blowing a bunch of pretty bubbles into the air and yelling “catch!

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