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Content promotion is the next step in your content marketing strategy. By promoting your current or new content, you can drive additional awareness, interest, and engagement.

Creating great content is one thing. Sharing that content with your target audience in a way to reach and engage with future customers is what helps complete your overall content marketing strategy.

Our content promotion services share your current and new blog & page content through relevant social channels to attract more potential customers to your website.

Content Promotion Process

Step 1

Content Review & Target Identification

Not every piece of content is relevant for promotion. We will help identify – or create – the key pieces of content that are likely to drive significant engagement amount your target audience.

Step 2

Social Asset Creation

Talented designers will create designed assets in a variety of sizes to help promote your current and new content on key social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more!

Step 3

Organic & Boosted Content Promotion

Using social media sharing tools, we can schedule posts on selected social media platforms to drive interest and engagement with your posts. A small budget can also be used to boost selected posts to drive additional awareness and engagement with your brand.

Content Promotion Services Options

Content Promotion Social Graphics

Social Promotion Asset Creation

Each social media platform has different image requirements and different sizes that perform best with that audience.

Did you know that blog images perform better in landscape, but Pinterest images in portrait format generate a higher engagement rate?

Working with you and utilizing our extensive social promotion experience, we will determine the best platforms to promote your content and design the assets that will work best for each platform.

Platform Assets May Include:

  • Designed Instagram posts
  • Designed Instagram stories or reels
  • Facebook post graphics
  • Pinterest pins
  • Twitter graphics
  • Up to 2 revision rounds before posting

Social Asset Examples

Not every social media asset has to be designed, some simply need to be presented in the right format and size to attract the eye and generate engagement. The trick is knowing which images are more likely to drive the highest level of engagement.

Here are a few examples of some of the most popular social graphics we have created at CLMB.

Cost Estimate:

  • Static graphics – $200 per design, with 3 variations
  • Short videos (up to 15 seconds) – $400


Check out our Social Media Starter Tool Kit!

Social Sharing Content Promotion

Organic Social Sharing

Once your blog posts have been optimized and the social graphics have been created, we can work with your – or access your social accounts directly – to develop a social sharing calendar to drive awareness to your best content.

Depending on the content and the assets created, we can share on multiple networks quickly and easily.

Social Sharing Services Include:

  • Set up Buffer social scheduling tool
  • Connect priority social channels
  • Create posting schedule based on best days / times to post
  • Monitor response and adjust schedule
  • Repost top-performing posts

Cost: Request a Quote

Boosted Social Content Promotion

Boosted Social Posts

Boosted posts help expose your content to a wider audience.

Did you know that only about 10% of your followers will see your organic posts? To reach the rest, and others outside your network, boosted posts are required.

Boosted posts cost a few dollars a day, and can have a significant impact on the reach of your content.

Take this recent example from Art & Home:

Boosted Content Promotion on Facebook

$30 drove nearly 3,000 engagements!

For example, this post on Facebook was boosted with a total budget of $30.

Within 1 week, it had put Art & Home in front over over 20,000 people with 2,910 engagements, including 386 shares.

We will work with you to set a boosted post budget, determine the most boost-worthy posts within your social feed, report on the results, and optimize for continued improvements.

Cost: Request a Quote

How Can CLMB Help You?

Need help with your content creation strategy & execution? Let us know how we can help you and we’ll work on a content creation plan to grow together.

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